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It's come to the Bad Blogger's attention that she has been VERY remiss in keeping up with her blogs lately...v-e-r-y in somehow I managed to miss all of 2015??  I vow to be better in 2016!!

Today three of my students and I headed to Greenwood for their Clear Round Jumper day and Cross Country School.  We were a bit worried about the weather, but the weather-guessers missed it and the rain/snow held off at least while we were there!

I am over the moon proud of all of my students and their mounts today!  It's obvious they all have been doing their homework!  Marissa Strnad and her incredible pony Joey had three clear stadium rounds to start their day!  We all wish we could clone Joey!  (Thanks so much again, Halle Thomas!!).  They went on to have a fun and confident x-c ride over most of the Beginner Novice 1 jumps and even some B/N jumps!  Rachel DeFord and her lovely mare Zoey had their first x-c outing together and we found Zoey to be a brave girl!  Rachel has been used to riding the Champion Welsh pony Lazy J Bailef's Shadow until he was recently sold and she's finding that Zoey is a MUCH bigger mover and that is requiring Rachel to adjust her riding skills a bit!  Once they got their balance and groove they did great and had fun!  Last but NOT least, Marissa Gomez and her new OTTB Cruz Control had their first outing together and had a blast!  Marissa is a very pensive rider (well, other than when Monte bucks and Marissa cracks UP!), and her Mom, Joni Brown noted to me that she smiled a LOT cruising around with Cruz today!  ;o) 

I'd like to thank Christie Tull for hosting this fun day, the weather-guessers for missing it this time, Adrianna Strnad for taking pics (can't wait to see them!!), and Joni Brown for hauling the equines and helping and supporting everyone!

What a great start to 2016!  Everyone had safe and confident rides and knows what to work on in the future!  Until next time...kick on!

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Wow, where does the time go??  The Bad Blogger is at it again...too much time has passed without me blogging!  Let's see, so I can't help but mention that I think the 4th of July fireworks have gotten WAY out of hand.  Purely my opinion and frankly up until this year I've never had a horse who was bothered by fireworks....  We were surrounded and it felt like a war zone in flash and noise.  I don't post to Facebook much either, but mused after the 4th some similar thoughts and was met primarily with those who agreed with me.  I pondered the returning military vets, whether they suffer from PTSD or not, and the effect our 'celebration' has on them.  Only one real complaintant and that was not surprizing to this Bad Blogger.

On a postive note, my student Emily Curtis and I spent the day this past Saturday at Meadowcreek Park in Kosse auditing the Doug Payne clinic.  So many descriptive words come to mind regarding this talented rider/trainer/instructor!  I took my notebook as I do to all clinics I attend whether riding or auditing and though I didn't take many notes, I was facinated by the return to basics Doug brought all riders back to.  His book is AMAZING and I highly recommend it.  (The Riding Horse Repair Manual is available on Amazon for a very fair price!).  He was so humble and gracious when asked to autograph mine and Emily's copies!  It's one thing for a clinician to instruct and coach riders over the prescribed exercise but it's another thing ENTIRELY to have said clinician get on strange horses and walk the walk that they so readily talk!  This man has talent that I think is quite God-given!  His stadium exercises were quite simple but of course not 'easy' for the most part!  His low-key demeanor and sly sense of humor was endearing and refreshing!  Where the job of a clinician I feel is to push the horses and riders out of their comfort zones withOUT overfacing them, I have seen too many who flatout overface.  Doug has a unique way of challenging without overfacing AND without being condecending though to the trained eye it was abundantly apparent he's been there done that with regard to uncooperative horses!  I certainly hope Robbie Peterson brings him back to Meadowcreek SOON!  Oh!  And I had the pleasure of meeting the Bad Eventer in person!  She and her horse looked amazing and her 'Bad Eventer' t-shirt was a riot!

I have been blessed with two wonderful horses in training this month who have made amazing strides in the dressage and jumping disciplines and am grateful for the opportunity to train them!

Until next time, kick on!  ;o)


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Well, after reading Meghann Hail's FB post thanking her hubby for video taping her rides at the JoMar show, it occurred to the Bad Blogger that she didn't thank her very own husband, known to some as Don and others as "Hose B" (We don't have a Jose...), for following me from Burleson to JoMar at 6:00a to help me flag jumps and help set things up for the show!  THANK YOU, Honey!  Lyndon Acres would NOT be possible without you and your selflessness!!!!!!  ;o)  My only saving grace is that Hose B is NOT a techie at all, has no FB page and I'm not sure he ever looks at our website....  Nevertheless, he deserves my thanks and my love! <3

Also, a shout-out to Janet Ascott who brought her lovely mare to show in Western Dressage!  They looked great, but it still sounds funny hearing a Brit chatting away from a western saddle?????!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for coming, Janet! 

Until my next Blog...kick on!



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The Bad Blogger is humbled by the great turnout Joni and I had for the show yesterday!  The weather was perfect and after a rocky start with a misunderstanding with the original dressage gatekeeper, I called in the 'big guns'!  Janet Book of Willow Draw came all the way from Weatherford to gatekeep and keep the dressage running smoothly!  Dressage started early and  people came from all over the metroplex but were ready to show on time!  Debbie Cinotto brought her scribe Karen and they spent a breezy day judging some great rides in Dressage, Western Dressage and Gaited Dressage!  Glorya Duer who I haven't seen in YEARS took the gatekeeping clipboard so I could start scoring until Janet was able to arrive!  Immeasurable thanks to ALL of the competitors and their lovely horses and of course to the volunteers without whom the show could NOT have run so well!  Lauren Horton came from Irving to help me score, Marissa Gomez (Joni's hardworking daughter!), ran the Clear Round Jumpers and Marissa's energetic boyfriend Jared (aka 'Jeffie'), was always on hand to help as jump crew and with the concession stand or whatever we needed of him!  It was great to meet Rebecca Halpin who brought a wonderful group of riders and who graciously stepped in to help a balky pony get around the 2'6" course!  Mariam Copeland's student Kyle Tatum surprized us ALL when his horse pulled a rail and he dismounted and replaced his own rail!  Joni thinks that should be the norm...pull a rain, fix it yourself!  Not sure that will catch on, but sounds good on paper?!  Shelly and her husband James pitched in wherever needed and some cute girls who'd attended JoMar's Summer Camp the previous week were there to help as well!  Putting on my 'trainer hat', I have to say I was so proud of Courtney Griffith and her horse Rock!  She had an amazingly busy day showing for a client, showing her own horse AND helping her students!  ;o)  It was a non-stop day, so I hope I haven't forgotten to thank anyone?!  Lastly, thanks to everyone who brought goodies to sell at the Tack Sale!  I didn't get a chance to shop (really don't need to be shopping anyway?!), but I saw a fence full of saddles and some great tack and riding clothes!  I hope everyone had a relaxed, fun and wonderful time!  Joni and I did!  We'll see you next time!  Kick on!


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Wow!  What a busy week it's been!  Trying to get horses worked while dodging storms and rain plus getting ready for JoMar Show and Tack Sale on Sunday! 

Some of you may know that as of this Tuesday, my husband Don (aka 'Hose B', since Jose was already taken...I know, boo hiss...!), will have been retired for TWO years!  While it took the Bad Blogger every bit of a year to get used to having him around ALL the time, I've finally come to the realization that he is one INCREDIBLY huge help to Lyndon Acres and its daily running!  Note to self to say that out loud to him soon....  ;o)

It's time to go work on dressage ride times for the JoMar show and I hope to see lots of you out there Sunday!

I'll leave you with a selfie of Jazz and what he thought of all the rain this week! 

Kick on!What Jazz thought of all the rain....






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