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The Bad Blogger is humbled by the great turnout Joni and I had for the show yesterday!  The weather was perfect and after a rocky start with a misunderstanding with the original dressage gatekeeper, I called in the 'big guns'!  Janet Book of Willow Draw came all the way from Weatherford to gatekeep and keep the dressage running smoothly!  Dressage started early and  people came from all over the metroplex but were ready to show on time!  Debbie Cinotto brought her scribe Karen and they spent a breezy day judging some great rides in Dressage, Western Dressage and Gaited Dressage!  Glorya Duer who I haven't seen in YEARS took the gatekeeping clipboard so I could start scoring until Janet was able to arrive!  Immeasurable thanks to ALL of the competitors and their lovely horses and of course to the volunteers without whom the show could NOT have run so well!  Lauren Horton came from Irving to help me score, Marissa Gomez (Joni's hardworking daughter!), ran the Clear Round Jumpers and Marissa's energetic boyfriend Jared (aka 'Jeffie'), was always on hand to help as jump crew and with the concession stand or whatever we needed of him!  It was great to meet Rebecca Halpin who brought a wonderful group of riders and who graciously stepped in to help a balky pony get around the 2'6" course!  Mariam Copeland's student Kyle Tatum surprized us ALL when his horse pulled a rail and he dismounted and replaced his own rail!  Joni thinks that should be the norm...pull a rain, fix it yourself!  Not sure that will catch on, but sounds good on paper?!  Shelly and her husband James pitched in wherever needed and some cute girls who'd attended JoMar's Summer Camp the previous week were there to help as well!  Putting on my 'trainer hat', I have to say I was so proud of Courtney Griffith and her horse Rock!  She had an amazingly busy day showing for a client, showing her own horse AND helping her students!  ;o)  It was a non-stop day, so I hope I haven't forgotten to thank anyone?!  Lastly, thanks to everyone who brought goodies to sell at the Tack Sale!  I didn't get a chance to shop (really don't need to be shopping anyway?!), but I saw a fence full of saddles and some great tack and riding clothes!  I hope everyone had a relaxed, fun and wonderful time!  Joni and I did!  We'll see you next time!  Kick on!


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