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Well, after reading Meghann Hail's FB post thanking her hubby for video taping her rides at the JoMar show, it occurred to the Bad Blogger that she didn't thank her very own husband, known to some as Don and others as "Hose B" (We don't have a Jose...), for following me from Burleson to JoMar at 6:00a to help me flag jumps and help set things up for the show!  THANK YOU, Honey!  Lyndon Acres would NOT be possible without you and your selflessness!!!!!!  ;o)  My only saving grace is that Hose B is NOT a techie at all, has no FB page and I'm not sure he ever looks at our website....  Nevertheless, he deserves my thanks and my love! <3

Also, a shout-out to Janet Ascott who brought her lovely mare to show in Western Dressage!  They looked great, but it still sounds funny hearing a Brit chatting away from a western saddle?????!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for coming, Janet! 

Until my next Blog...kick on!



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