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It's come to the Bad Blogger's attention that she has been VERY remiss in keeping up with her blogs lately...v-e-r-y in somehow I managed to miss all of 2015??  I vow to be better in 2016!!

Today three of my students and I headed to Greenwood for their Clear Round Jumper day and Cross Country School.  We were a bit worried about the weather, but the weather-guessers missed it and the rain/snow held off at least while we were there!

I am over the moon proud of all of my students and their mounts today!  It's obvious they all have been doing their homework!  Marissa Strnad and her incredible pony Joey had three clear stadium rounds to start their day!  We all wish we could clone Joey!  (Thanks so much again, Halle Thomas!!).  They went on to have a fun and confident x-c ride over most of the Beginner Novice 1 jumps and even some B/N jumps!  Rachel DeFord and her lovely mare Zoey had their first x-c outing together and we found Zoey to be a brave girl!  Rachel has been used to riding the Champion Welsh pony Lazy J Bailef's Shadow until he was recently sold and she's finding that Zoey is a MUCH bigger mover and that is requiring Rachel to adjust her riding skills a bit!  Once they got their balance and groove they did great and had fun!  Last but NOT least, Marissa Gomez and her new OTTB Cruz Control had their first outing together and had a blast!  Marissa is a very pensive rider (well, other than when Monte bucks and Marissa cracks UP!), and her Mom, Joni Brown noted to me that she smiled a LOT cruising around with Cruz today!  ;o) 

I'd like to thank Christie Tull for hosting this fun day, the weather-guessers for missing it this time, Adrianna Strnad for taking pics (can't wait to see them!!), and Joni Brown for hauling the equines and helping and supporting everyone!

What a great start to 2016!  Everyone had safe and confident rides and knows what to work on in the future!  Until next time...kick on!

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